Luxembourg: RTL rules out a return in Eurovision 2021

Luxembourg: RTL rules out a return in Eurovision 2021

RTL, the Luxembourgish national broadcaster has ruled out Eurovision 2021 participation, staying away for one more year.

Surprise Suprise…. no suprise as Luxembourg has confimred that for another year it won’t return to the comeptition. Specifically RTL has confimred to  ESCToday  that the country won’t be making any comeback to the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. This means that it will be joining Andorra, Slovakia and Bosnia & Herzegovina that will remain absent in 2020 t00.

Although the country has won the competition 5 times,  Luxembourg’s national broadcaster justifies its decision of not returning by outlining the interest of the channel mostly in the news section than music and entertainment shows. In addition, due to  the low budget of the channel a participation in the contest will be  a financial and organizational strain on the channel.

The Eurovision Story so Far

And all this would have been insignificant for a tiny European landlocked country if this country wasn’t one of the found members of EBU that participated in the very first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 in Lugano. Luxembourg has achieved an admirable total of five victories in the contest (1961,1965,1972,1973, 1983) However the low placing in the contest and the low TV rating in the country has probably kept it many years away from the Eurovision Stage. Luxembourg was last seen in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993 in Millstreet when Modern Times represented the country with the song Donnez Moi Une Chance De Te Dire and achieved a 20th placing.

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