Malta 2018: Christabelle’s first stage rehearsal

Malta 2018: Christabelle’s first stage rehearsal

Next to rehearse on stage is Malta . Christabelle, is this year’s Eurovision representative with her song Taboo . The song delivers a message of the need to surpass taboos and come out for the darkness, loneliness and depression that are always  existing threats. The song is composed by Thomas G:Son, the composer of the ESC winning song of Euphoria (Sweden 2012).

 Cristabelle is wearing black clothes and sings through a lavalier microphone . On stage there are LED screens that form a big box and a female dancer is dancing in it, while on the LED screens different images of people are displayed and the messages the song aims to pass.

In addition, laser lights shine towards the audience’s area and fires pop up on the perimeter of the two circle parts of the stage.

The backing vocalists are off stage while the Maltese artist is vocally steady , receiving eventually a warm applause in the press center. Watch below Christabelle’s first rehearsal:

Angelo D.

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