Malta 2018: The 30 songs so far…..

Malta 2018: The 30 songs so far…..

PBS the National broadcaster of Malta announced the 30 songs that a special jury chose and have moved on to the next phase. 129 songs were casted  and now we have 30; but only one will represent the country in Lisbon.

The 30 songs and artists are:

  1.  Abire Sekkaki – Casablanca Love
  2. Aidan – Dai Laga
  3. AIDAN – See You
  4. Avenue Sky – We Can Run
  5. Brooke Borg – Heart of Gold
  6. Christabelle Borg – Taboo
  7. Dan – If Only
  8. Danica Muscat – One Step At A Time
  9. Deborah C – Turn It Up
  10. Deborah C & Joseph Tabone – Human
  11. Dominic Cini – Picture I Draw
  12. Eleanor Cassar – Back To Life
  13. Ishmael Grech – Good Times
  14. Jasmine Abela – Supernovas
  15. Kelsey Bellante – Super Woman
  16. Kevin Paul Calleja – Great Adventure
  17. Kimberley Cortis – Monsters
  18. Kurt Anthony Cassar – You Will Find Me
  19. Lawrence Gray – Love Grenade
  20. Malcolm Pisani – Kiss
  21. Matthew Caruana – Call 2morrow
  22. Mikhail Attard & Cherylis Camileri – Breaking Point
  23. Miriana Conte – Rocket
  24. Nicole Azzopardi – Mixed Feelings
  25. Petra Whiteford – Evolution
  26. Raquel Galdes – In My Mind
  27. Rhiannon Micallef – Beyond Blue Horizons
  28. Richard Joe Micallef – Song For Dad
  29. Stefan Galea – Closer
  30. Tiziana Calleja – First Time

In the next weeks the jury will choose the 16 songs that will take part in the National Final, where only the televoters will choose the song and the artist that will fly the Maltese flag in Lisbon. This year, the artist who wins the National Final, is going to take part in Lisbon with the winning song and won’t be able to change the song like in 2016.

In 2016, Ira Losco won the National Final with the song Chameleon but after her victory she collaborated with a Swedish team and she took part in Stockholm with the song Walk on Water (12th place – 153 points).

Stefanos Charpantidis

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