Malta 2018: Watch Christabelle’s second rehearsal on stage

Malta 2018: Watch Christabelle’s second rehearsal on stage

Next on the Altice Arena stage  is Christabelle  from Malta and her entry Taboo .

The song starts with the artist standing in a kind of box formed by Led screens while the lighting is in shades of red. With her hands she brings displays on the screens while during the chorus she moves out of the box and is replaced by a female dancer.



For once more there are laser lights. The outfit is the same as it was in the first rehearsal with an exception of Christabelle’s wearing a gold glove in her hand. It is a very well organized stage performance and Christabelle seems very powerful and strong vocally.

Generally, there are not many differences from, the first rehearsal, but we can observe that some camera shots have been improved. Malta has many chances to qualify this year!

Angelo D.

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