Malta 2019: All four X-factor judges unveiled; Ira Losco one of them

Malta 2019: All four X-factor judges unveiled; Ira Losco one of them

As we already informed you in a past article , the national broadcaster of Malta has decided to put aside the national selection process of MESC, that was the mechanism through which the country determined its Eurovision representative the latest years.  Instead of this the next Maltese representative for Eurovision 2019 will be selected via the X factor talent show, which will be broadcast for the first time in the small Mediterranean country.

Today through the official account of the talent show the last name of the fourth judge was announced, completing the four membere jury panel and is no other than the country’s superstar, Ira Losco.

Ira Losco counts more that 15 years career and is established as the most successful pop singer of the country. She has represented Malta twice in the Eurovision Song Contest , once in 2002 with her song Seventh Wonder, losing victory only for 12 points. back in ESC 2016 with her song  Walk On Water, which ended in the 13th place.

The rest of the jury is formed by three more judges: Howard Keith Debono (artist manager), Ray Mercieca(musician) and Alexandra Alden (singer &composer). The auditions before the jury start tomorrow while the first episodes will be broadcast on screen next October . The contestant that will be crowned X factor winner ill represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest next year in Israel.


This year Malta was represented by  Christabelle with her song Taboo, which didn’t make it to the Grand final ending in the 13th place of the 2nd semi final .

Lets remember however her dynamic performance in Lisbon :


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