Malta: Ike & Kaya selected for Junior Eurovision 2021 with the song “My Home”

Malta: Ike & Kaya selected for Junior Eurovision 2021 with the song “My Home”

Ike & Kaya won the Maltese national final for Junior Eurovision 2021 performing “My Home” and will be representing Malta in Paris.

Ike & Kaya have been selected to defend the Maltese colors at Junior Eurovision 2021 with their entry “My Home”. . 

A total of 12 acts competed in the national final show that took place at the Robert Sammut Hall , with the winner determined by a combination of public and jury voting. The 12 acts that took the stage in this evening’s show were: 

  1. Emma Briffa – My Angels Calling
  2. Kylie Milcallef – Keep Your Drama
  3. Maria Curmi – Wild and Free
  4. Yulan Law – Change
  5. Eksenia Sammut – Building
  6. Amelia Kalabic – Dear World
  7. Rih & Bri – Drops like fire
  8. Ella Raina – Limitless
  9. Ike & Kaya – My Home – 1st
  10. Yulan Law – On My Way – 3rd
  11. Marija Djinovic – Magic
  12. Myca, Kylie & Denzel Jo – Running Free – 2nd

Ike & Kaya achieved to top the score with ‘My Home’ while the trio Myca, Kylie & Denzel Jo came second singing ‘Running Free’ . The top 3 completed Yulan Law with the song ‘On My Way’.

About  Ike and Kaya

Ike Mizzi has been involved in the music industry for around 2 years and a half, and his life has never been better ever since. He had the opportunity to participate in local festivals and even local music videos. He is also very honoured to say that he took part in Keen’v music video “Pour y arriver” as the main actor.

For  Kaya Gouder Curmi music has been her passion since when she was five years old. She have competed in different festivals such as SanRemo Junior where she placed first in her category. She also had the opportunity to participate in last year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest and reached the final.

Watch below the winning duo at the national final performance:

News Source: PBS

Image: TVM

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