Malta: Ready for MESC 2018 with some changes; Listen to the national final songs.

Malta: Ready for MESC 2018 with some changes; Listen to the national final songs.

All seem to be ready for this year’s Malta’s  national final that will determine the country’s next representative at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon next May.

The 16 competing national final songs have gone public and on February 3 the MESC will take place on the village of  Ta’Qali. This year’s national final logo #jointhemagic while specific changed will be enforced on the voting process. After last year’s rather  disappointing results, the executives of the Maltese broadcaster decided to restore the jury’s role in the national final. Therefore the winner of MESC 2018 and Malta’s next representative will be determined equally by public and jury voting  with a 50% each.

Listen to this year’s competing songs on the following link:

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 lyric videos launched today

Notable is the return of Richard , who had represented the country back in 2014 as a member of Firelight who ended in the 23rd place. This year his making a second attempt alongside with  Joe Micallef and the entry Song For Dad.

Last year the country was represented by Claudia Faniello and her entry Breathlessly which was left in the 16th place in the 2nd semi final by left in last place in the televoting board.

Remember last year Claudia’s on stage performance:

Angelo D.

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