As the Chair Challenge round is completed, the six qualifiers from each category (Girls,Boys,Overs, Groups) will face now their mentors in Judges’ Houses in order to determine which three acts from each team will pass to the live shows and come closer to their dream to represent Malta at Eurovision 2020. 

After six chair Challenge , six acts for each team head to their mentor’s house where they have to perform before them and their special guests. From each team the mentor must come down to his final three that will move on to the Live shows. This Sunday it was time for the Groups and Overs category to go through the Judges’ Houses stage.


The six groups that competed in the Judges’ Houses phase were: Faith, Sweet Chaos, Chord, Reign, Yazmin & James and Bloodline. The groups went over to Howard Keith’s  house, where he was expecting them with Lil Eddie . The three groups that stood out for Keith and won the ticket to the Live Shows are:

  • Yazmin and James

  • Bloodline

  • Faith

Watch below how the judges concluded in their decisions:


The six Overs (25+) that competed in the Judges’ Houses phase were: Celine Agius, Chantal Catania, Edward Abdilla, Jozi, Kersten Graham and Paul Anthony . The Overs visited Alexandra Alden’s house  , who welcomed them alongside with The New Victorians. The three Overs that won their way to the Live Shows are :

  • Paul Anthony

  • Edward Abdilla

  • Celine Agius

Watch below how the judges concluded in their final decisions:

Next Sunday the first Live Show will take place with 12 acts taking the stage and starting their battle to represent Malta in the next Eurovision Song Contest. Therefore the 12 acts that we will see in next week live show are:

  1. Justine Shorfid
  2. Destiny Chukunyere
  3. Jasmine Abela
  4. Kyle Cutajar
  5. Karl Schembri
  6. Dav.Jr
  7. Yazmin and James
  8. FAITH – Five Are In The House
  9. Bloodline Music
  10. Paul Anthony
  11. Ed Abdilla
  12. Celine Agius