Malta: The Six Chair Challenge results for the Girls’ category

Malta: The Six Chair Challenge results for the Girls’ category

As the Bootcamp stage was over the X-factor Malta, through which the country will select its Eurovision 2020 act, moved on to the  Chair Challenge phase of the show. 

Sunday night the  Chair Challenge stage kicked off with girls category and will continue to unfold for three more weeks, determining the 6 acts from each category that will qualify to the  Judges’ houses, where the 3 final acts will win the ticket to the Live Shows.  In this first   Chair Challenge round the girls of Ira Losco’s team took the stage in order to fill in one of the six chairs.

The girls that we saw competing in this round were: Charisse Vassallo, Danika Catuajar, Destiny Chukunyere, Gail Attard, Jasmine Abela, Jelena Attard, Julia Camilleri, Justine Shorfid, Kylie Meilak, Karin Duff, Lisa Marie Tabone, Marija Bellia and Maria Ellul.

The final six that manage to win and maintain their chair qualifying to the next round are:

  • Marija Bellia (Bad Romance – Lady Gaga)

  • Karin Duff (Dangerous woman – Ariana Grande)

  • Jasmine Abela (Side to side – Ariana Grande)

  • Destiny Chukunyere (Don’t Call Me Up – Mabel)

  • Justine Shorfid (Man Down – Rihanna)

  • Gail Attard (Take Me To Church – Hozier)

Angelo D.

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