Malta’s First Rehearsal.

Malta’s First Rehearsal.

It’s time for Malta’s representative, Claudia Faniello to rehearse her song. The 29 year old artist ( sister of Malta’s representative in 2001 and 2006, Fabrizio) . Claudia made it to the contest on her 9th attempt with her ballad song “Breathlessly”, written by herself.

Claudia just before her rehearsal stated excited and really looking forward to get on stage.

The artist appeared on stage alone having a relatively  blue back round, while she’s is wearing a white dress, like the one in the national final. The back round screen displays a video of her face while singing in a very sentimental expressive way and the same time  a light wind is blowing on her face. ff8d999d3b921eb055ab903e78b79a08-1024x682

Her vocals were brilliant and satisfying to deliver the emotions that such a classic ballad of this kind can. A performance like this can give her more chances to reverse the low betting odds the bookies are giving her so far to qualify to the Grand Final.

Lets take a look to Malta’s today first rehearsal:


Angelo D.

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