Marta Milan left Ich Troje

Marta Milan left Ich Troje

Ich Troje (The 3 of them) have turned into the 2 of them!!! Marta Milan the singer of the group, abandoned the group!!!! Michał Krystian Wiśniewski (singer) and  Jacek Łągwa (pianist and composer) are left alone (the 2 of them). Marta Milan was singer number 7 of the group.

The 8 singers of the group are: 1) Magda Femme (Magdalena Pokora, 1996-2000) the first wife of Michał, 2) Jystyna Maikowska (Zduńska Wola, 2000-2003) 3) Elli Mücke from Germany 4) Anna Katarzyna Magdalena Żeńca (Anna Świątczak) the second wife of Michał 5) Jeanette Vik (2010-2011) from Norway 6) Jazzta (Justyna Panfilewicz, 2011-2013) and 7)  Marta Milan (2013-2017).

The group is famous among the Eurovision fans as they represented Poland twice. First time was in 2003 in Latvia with their song «Keine Grenzen – Żadnych granic»  (7th place) nad their second time was in 2006 in Greece with their song «Follow my heart» (11th place in the semi-final).

So who will replace Marta and will have the honor to become singer No 8?


Stefanos Charpantidis

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