Moldova 2018: DoReDos talk to INFE about the Moldovian entry

Moldova 2018: DoReDos talk to INFE about the Moldovian entry

DoReDos will represent Moldova at the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest with the song “My Lucky Day”. The group succeeded in becoming the great winner of Moldova’s national final “O Melodie Europa pentru Europa”with an overwhelming difference.

INFE Greece asked artists to answer some questions about this year’s participation in the contest.  Read below this very interesting interview:

Good evening DoRedos and thank you very much for accepting our proposalfor this interview. First of all, congratulations for your victory in Moldova’s national final and representing your country in Lisbon with the song “My Lucky Day”.

-INFE: After some attempts to represent your country in Eurovision, the third proved your “lucky”. How do you feel about it? Did your dream come true?

DoR: We are very happy and proud to represent our country in the competition this year. It was an old dream we had been waiting for a long time.


-INFE: Could you give us some information about you and how did you create your group?

DoR: DoReDos is a Moldovan folk-pop trio that was created in 2011. Originally our band was called “Art Band” but before joining the Moldavian national final in 2015 (O Melodie for Europa) we decided to change the name to “DoReDos” . The name comes from the first two notes of the musical scale. Our group consists of Marina Djundyet, Eugeniu Andrianov and Sergiu Mîţa. We all come from a small town on Rybnitsa, which is on the left bank of the Dnieper River. That’s where we met and we all decided to create a musical shape. We participated in various competitions in Moldova, Romania, Russia and Belarus. Now we have a great opportunity to represent our country in Eurovision 2018.

-INFE: One of the composers of your participation is the popular and successful composer, Philipp Kirkorov. How do you feel about it?

DoR: We had tried twice in the past to represent Moldova at Eurovision in 2015 and 2016 and we were very close to winning, but the victory was one step away. In 2017 we made a pause from the national choice, because at that time there were other priorities and desires for us. It was our participation in the “New Wave” contest in Sochi. We did what was possible on our behalf and won the contest. There we drew the attention of our Russian singer and composer, Philipp Kirkorov. He said our next step, after New Wave, must be Eurovision and he is ready to help us. It did not take long for us to answer, since this opportunity for us can be unique, and so we said YES! In October 2017 we went to Moscow to record the song “My Lucky Day”.


-INFE:Fokas Evangelinos, the Greek choreographer, will dierect your stage performance  while Cypriot Alex Panayi is the vocal coach of participation. Tell us a few words about these collaborations.

DoR: It is a great honor to work with such a wonderful Dream Team. Fokas Evangelinos is a great director, he managed our stage presence for the national final. We would like to say that the presentation you have seen in the national final is completely different from what we will  present in Lisbon. It will be something you have not seen again on the Eurovision stage.  We are really glad to have such a great team with us.

-INFE: About a month ago, the official video clip of your song was released, which was filmed in Greece and more specifically in the beautiful island of  Santorini. Tell us about your experience.

DoR: Santorini was not chosen at random. This place gives you a distinct sense of love and purity. In our opinion, Santorini is the right place that blends harmoniously with our song. The process of filming passed very quickly, it was necessary to have time to do everything in time. We believe we have been able to convey our feelings and the main idea.


-INFE: Why should the audience of Greece and Europe in general vote your “My Lucky Day” in Lisbon?

DoR: First of all, because we will pass on the scene our positive action to all those who will be in the stadium and to those who will watch the second semifinals. When you hear these notes from our country, it is impossible not to dance. Secondly, we have a great Dream Team with us. They have a lot of experience with Eurovision, such as Elena Paparizou, Sergey Lazarev, Ani Lorak, etc. All of them were in high positions in the big final. We hope the fans love  our participation  and give the 12 points to Moldova!

-INFE: Why is Eurovision so important to you?

DoR: Eurovision is already a good step in every singer’s life. We expect from Eurovision the brightest and most positive emotions, new and interesting friends, share our music with the whole of Europe, Australia and of course we want to have fun and enjoy the competition. It has been a great dream for a long time, and it is our honor that we represent Moldova at the ESC.

-INFE: What are your favorite entries from Moldova to Eurovision?

DoR: We will say that we like all the songs from Moldova that participated in Eurovision. Each representative made his best for the best. Now we can understand how difficult it was for them.

-INFE: In general, what are your favorite entries from Eurovision?

DoR: There are many, for example, Elena Paparizou, Loreen, Sergey Lazarev, Sunstroke Project, Polina Gagarina. It’s really hard to choose the best.

Finally, DoRedos’ message to the Greek eurofans:

Enjoy the contest entries. The most important thing is to choose the best and to vote with your heart. If we manage to win a small part of your heart, we will be very happy to receive your support and a high score. Thanks!

We thank DoRedos for the interview they gave us and wish them good luck  in the second semifinals on May 10th.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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