Moldova 2018: First technical rehearsal for DoReDos 

Moldova 2018: First technical rehearsal for DoReDos 

DoReDos from Moldova were the next to rehearse on the Altice Arena with « My lucky day ». The group consists of Marina Djundiet, Eugeniu Andrianov, Sergiu Mîţa.

DoReDoS have a stage construction with doors and windows. A rather Theatrical performance on the stage of the Altice Arena.They are accompanied by three dancers – backing singers, ethnic dressed like DoReDos, and each dancer imitates one of the singers.

There is an erotic game between the DoReDoS singer and the two singers who claim her is approached in a theatrical and commic way.In the end all six come and finish in front of the stage dancing as in previous performances.

The stage director,Fokas Evangelinos,stated to INFE about the choreography:

« It is a story of misunderstandings between 1 woman and two men. The doors symbolize the personal space of our main characters and the windows their thoughts, as the clouds that we see in comics..When misunderstandings cause laugh and then laugh leads to forgiveness”.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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