Moldova: First semi final results

Moldova: First semi final results

The first semi-final of the Moldovan national selection for Eurovision O Melodie Pentru Europa has just finished. 12 acts participated for the 8 spots of the final.

The 8 acts that qualified for the final are:

  1. Che-MD – Vodă e cu noi
  2. Doinița GhermanIrresistible
  3. DoReDosFunnyFolk
  4. Maxim ZavidiaLa La Love
  5. Valentin UzunMine
  6. Valeria PașaSave Love
  7. ViolaIn the Name of Love
  8. Emilia RussuI Am Not The Same ( televoting winner)


The second semi final will be held on the 25th of February and the final show on the 27th of February.

In the first semi final Aliona Moon, who represented Moldova in ESC 2013, perfmored live her entry O Mie.


Stefanos Charpantidis

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