Moldova: Lidia Isac to represent the country

Moldova: Lidia Isac to represent the country


The final show of  o melodie pentru Europa was held today in Moldovan capital city. After 2 semi final shows and a Grand Final, Moldova decided that the lucky one who will fly the country’s flag in Sweden is Lidia Isac wiyh the song Falling stars.

The 16 candidates were:

  1. Valentin Uzun – Mine
  2. Maxim Zavidia – La la love
  3. Doinița Gherman – Irresistible
  4. Lidia Isac – Falling stars
  5. Big Flash Sound – Când vrei
  6. Che-MD – Vodă e cu noi
  7. Andrei Ionița & Onoffrei – Lie
  8. Cristina Pintilie – Picture of love
  9. Nadia Moșneagu – Memories
  10. Rodica & Ivan Aculov – Stop lying
  11. Emilia Russu – I am not the same
  12. Viola – In the name of love
  13. DoReDoS – FunnyFolk
  14. Max Fall feat. Dan Vozniuc & Malloy – Game lover
  15. Valeria Pașa – Save love
  16. Felicia Dunaf – You and me

Hosts of the show were  Sergiu Beznițchi and Olivia Furtună. In the final show we had two interval acts from  Pasha Parfeny, who represented the country in 2012, and the dance group Space.

Stefanos Charpantidis

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