Moldova: The ten finalists for “O Melodie Pentru Europa”

Moldova: The ten finalists for “O Melodie Pentru Europa”

After a round of live auditions, Teleradio Moldova (TRM) has named the ten artists for the final of “O Melodie Pentru Europa”. They will be competing to represent Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 on March 3, after the cancellation of the semi-final that was to be held on March 2.

After a total of 30 artists sent in applications for participating in the country’s national selection (one of the files was rejected as incomplete while one song was disqualified as it adopted inappropriate hate language), 28 acts took part in the live auditions that were broadcast on Moldova 2 from 11:00 CET earlier today. A special committee reviewed all songs during today’s live auditions by evalutating them with points from 0 to 12. Criteria were originality of the song, vocal performance and actual interpretation and performance.

The 10 artists and songs that were chosen by the jury for the grand final of “O Melodie Pentru Europa” are:

Last year DoReDos represented Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon with their song “My Lucky Day”. At the Grand Final, they placed 10th with 209 points.

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