Moldova: The 24 semi-finalists

Moldova:  The 24 semi-finalists

The Moldovan national broadcaster, TRM, revealed the names of the 24 acts chosen to participate in the semi-final of the Moldovan national selection, O Melodie Pentru Europa 2015.

Out of  a total of 50 acts  that performed their entries to the jury for the first time concluded in 24 acts to participate in the semi final. The list of the 24 acts which have qualified from the live audition show is the following:

O Melodie Pentru Europa 2015 semi-finalists

  1. Carolina Gorun – Sublime
  2. Cezara – Am devenit straini
  3. Dana Markitan – Love me
  4. Diana Brescan – Up and down
  5. Doinita Gherman – Inima fierbinte
  6. Domenico Protino – Let me fly
  7. Doredos – Maricica
  8. Edict – Our star
  9. Eduard Romanyuta – I want your love
  10. Glam Girls – Magia
  11. Irina Kitoroaga – I’m gonna get you
  12. Julia Sandu – Fire
  13. Kitty Brucknell – Remix
  14. Lidia Isac – I can’t breathe (Without you)
  15. Marcel Rosca – Feelings will never leave
  16. Mihaela Andrei – About love
  17. Miss M – Lonely stranger
  18. Raby – Hero
  19. Serj Kuzenkoff – Danu nazdravanu
  20. Stela Boţan – Save me
  21. Sunstroke Project & Michael Ra – Day after day
  22. Valeria Pasa – I can change all my life
  23. Vera & Diana Popa – Faith
  24. Vitalie Todiraşcu – Tu singura

The 24 semi-finalists will be split into 2 semi-finals, where each groups of the 12 acts will compete in each semi-final taking place on the 24 and 26 February.

A total of 16 acts will compete in the grand final of O Melodie Pentru Europa, 8 acts qualifying from each semi final. the final will take place on the 28 February 2015. The winning act, which will be decided via a 50/50 televote-jury deliberation and  will  represent Moldova at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Austria.

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