Moldova: The country’s President Igor Dodon welcomes DoReDos

Moldova: The country’s President Igor Dodon welcomes DoReDos

This year’s Moldovan representatives,DoReDos,returned to their country last Tuesday, where friends, fans, journalists and their families were given shelter for heroes. The three artists,Marina Djundyet, Sergiu Mita and Evgeny Andrianov said they were very pleased to have represented their country in the best possible way but also happy that they managed to bring Moldova to the Top 10 for the second consecutive year.

The following day, Moldovan President Igor Dodon welcomed DoReDos back to the country after their successful Eurovision tour and congratulated them for their outstanding performance.

Indeed, he himself, through his Facebook account, promised to continue to support the career of the popular band, and he did not fail to say that their participation in the contest was made with his support. Although one of the « My Lucky Day » composers, Philipp Kirkorov was not present, the president said he was his beloved friend and thanked him for supporting Moldova in the institution.


Fotis Kourouvanis

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