Moldova: Tonight the national final of “O melodie pentru Europa”

Moldova: Tonight the national final of “O melodie pentru Europa”

Moldova is one of the countries that will be determining its Eurovision 2020 representative by holding its national final of O melodie pentru Europa.

This year Moldova’s national broadcaster received a total of 37 submissions for the national selection. 34 of them performed before a special jury panel which determined the 20 national finalists. These are :

  1. Denis Midone – Like a Champion
  2. Natalia Gordienko – Prison
  3. Geta Burlacu – Răspunde! 
  4. Viorela Moraru – Remedy
  5. Valentin Uzun & Irina Kovalsky – Moldovița
  6. Lavinia Rusu – Touch
  7. Dima Jelezoglo – Do It Slow
  8. Diana Rotaru – Dale dale 
  9. Pasha Parfeny – My Wine 
  10. Live Beat – Love Me Now 
  11. Valeria Pașa – It’s Time 
  12. Maria Ciolac – Our Home
  13. Sasha Letty – Summer of Love 
  14. Irina Kit – Chain Reaction
  15. Petronela Donciu & Andreea Portărescu – We Will Be Legends
  16. LANJERON – Hi Five
  17. Julia Ilienko feat. Mishel Dar – Tears
  18. Catarina Sandu – Die for You
  19. Alexandru Cibotaru – Cine te-a facut să plîngi
  20. Maxim Zavidia – Take Control

However  last monent developement is the announcement by Geta Burlacu that she won’t be competing in this evening’s final show as she will withdraw from the national selection for personal reasons. Therefore the total number of national finalists falls to 19 !

The 19 entries will be awarded points by public and jury voting (50% each) that will determine the final outcome. The show will begin at 19:00 CET and you can watch it live HERE 

Angelo D.

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