Moldova: TRM announces the 36 candidates for Eurovision 2020

Moldova: TRM announces the 36 candidates for Eurovision 2020

Moldova’s national broadcaster , ΤRM , has revealed the list of 36 candidate acts that ambition to represent the country in the next Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

36 acts are Moldova’s national selection contestants according to the list released by TRM. Check out the full list below:

  1. Che – MD feat Irina Revenco Adio
  2. Maria Ciolac Our home
  3. Viorela Moraru Remedy
  4. Dima Jelezoglo Do it slow
  5. LANJERON Hi Five 
  6. Nicolae Untilă Call me please
  7. Vovian10 minuni în Moldova
  8. Maxim Zavidia Take control
  9. Valentin Uzun si Irina KovalskyMoldoviţa
  10. Diana Popa Believe me
  11. Danny Cruise My love
  12. Olea RoşuAlive
  13. Catarina Sandu Die for you
  14. Ray Barc I’m shy
  15. Tudor Bumbac Te-am vazut în vis pe tine
  16. Georgeta Burlacu Răspunde!
  17. Sasha Bognibov Big brother
  18. Katerina SWe are done
  19. Sasha LettySummer of love
  20. Live BeatLove me now
  21. Valeria Paşa It’s time
  22. Liusia Znamensky Love no more
  23. Julia Ilienko ft. Mishel Dar Tears
  24. Natalia GordienkoPrison
  25. Petronela Donciu si Portărescu Andreea We will be legend
  26. Carolina Rakoviţă Dancing in the sunrise
  27. Angel Kiss My Own Queen
  28. Angel KissYou are my dance
  29. Lavinia RusuTouch
  30. Irina KitChain Reaction
  31. Alexandru CibotaruCine te-a facut să plîngi
  32. Midone Denis Like a champion
  33. Pasha ParfenyMy wine
  34. Lave Wildfire
  35. Diana Brescan Let’s go together
  36. Diana Rotaru Dale dale

Some of the songs are already availiable on Youtube. However you can list to all the candidate songs here . Among the candidates we see a few Eurovision past participants such as  Natalia Gordienko (Loca – 2006 – 20th place),  Pasha Parfeny (Lăutar – 2012 – 11th place) and Geta Burlacu (Α century of love – 2008 – 12th in the semi final ).

Behind the song Die For You by Catarina Sandu is the greekswedish composer Dimitris Stassos  who had written the Greek ESC 2012 entry Aphrodisiac for Eleftheria Eleftheriou and the entry La noche es para mí for  Soraya (Spain 2009).

National selection 2020

This year Moldova has adopted a different format to determine its Eurovision act and entry. The candidates will perform in auditions before a jury that will rate them , with 12 points being the maximum points to award. Auditions will be aired live but the public will have no role in it. Once the audition is over it will be decided wheather there will be an addtional round or the act with the highest points will be the next Moldovian representative.

The Eurovision story so far

Moldova participated in Eurovision for the first time in 2005 and hasn’t missed a year since then. Its best results came in 2017 when Sunstroke Project with Hey Mama finished 3rd. In 2018 the country was represented by DoReDos anf their entry Lucky Day, which finished 10th in the final. In 2019 Anna Odobescu flew the flag in Tel Aviv performing her power ballad “Stay” but despite her amazing vocal performance didn’t make it to the grand final.


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