Moldova : With DoReDos and “My Lucky Day” in Lisbon.

Moldova : With DoReDos and “My Lucky Day” in Lisbon.

DoReDos with “My Lucky Day” is the winner of the Moldovan national final and the representative of the country in Lisbon next May. DoReDos won today the final but before that they had to pass through a live audience which the Moldovan national broadcaster,TRM ,held after receiving a total of 28 applications for the national final of O Melodie For Europa 2018, which took place tonight in the capital city of Chisinau.

However, Pelageya Stefoglos participation was canceled after taking part in the Belarusian auditions, which was forbidden according to the rules of the Moldovan national selection. The 27 remaining candidates went through a live audience but only 16 were selected to compete in this year’s O Melodie For Europa 2018.

The 16 competing acts were :

  1. Tolik – Broken Glass
  2. Lavina Rusu – Altundeva
  3. Bella Luna – Moments
  4. Anna Timofei – Endlessly
  5. Ilia Soroceanu & Dasha DaGro – Minds & Veins
  6. Che MD – Inima-n stînga
  7. Cobîlean Constantin – Numai tu
  8. DoReDos – My lucky day
  9. SandyC & Aaron Sibley – Once upon a time
  10. Anna Odobescu – Agony
  11. Nicoleta Sava – La esencia del sur
  12. Doinița Gherman – Dance in flames
  13. Felicica Dunaf – Alien
  14. Viorela – The gates of love
  15. Vera Țurcanu – Black Heart
  16. Ruslan Tsar – Come to life

So the final winner emerged after a combination of televoting and an expert jury voting where chief was the representative of Moldova in 2009 Nelly Ciobanu. The bookies favorites were confirmed and winners of O Melodie For Europa 2018 and therefore representatives of Moldova in Lisbon were DoReDos with the folkloric “My Lucky Day“.


Three more dancers accompanied DoReDos in the stage perfomance and reminding us quite a lot of Ani Lorak’s appearance in 2008, as the band used identical mirrors with those used on the stage of Eurovision in Belgrade. “My Lucky Day” is signed by the well-known Philipp Kirkorov, while the lyrics were written by John Ballard, who had written last year’s lyrics of DemysThis Is Love” (Greece 2017)

Watch this year’s Moldovan participation in Eurovision 2018 on the video below:

Chrysostomos Kontakiotis

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