Montenegro: 5 acts for Montevizija 2019 national final

Montenegro: 5 acts for Montevizija 2019 national final

Montenegro will be sticking to the Montevizija national final format for 2nd consecutive year, having a total of 5 acts competing for the golden ticket to Tel Aviv.

According to statements of  Nataša Baranin , the country’s HoD, made to newspaper  Pobjeda,  a special committee of experts will shotlist the songs submitted to broadcaster RTCG , to a final number of 5 acts. These will be the national final contestants and hopefuls for Eurovision 2019. As announced on October 31 the result will be determined exlusively by  public voting.

Stating that ex Yugoslavian countries are known at the contest for their Balkan Ballads and that kind of music is more successful ofr the region she went further on saying:

But a good song is a good song and finds its way if it’s nicely performed and not only because a lot have been invested in it or has neighboring  allies or due to strong diaspora voting. In every winner there was some kind of detail, the style or perfromance that attracted more attention than other contestants, so a precise rule and recipe for a good placing doesn’t exist at no part of continent.

Concerning the issue that came up with this year’s representative Vanja Radovanovic and his inappropriate joke for kids that suffer a disability she commented:

We try to keep things under control, but it is the acts that appear on stage and on camera. It depends on them whether they listen to us or not. Contracts don’t help so much, but ablilites, experience and focusing do so. You can tell someone how exaclty to speak or predict what is going to happen there.

However she was clear that EBU hasn’t issued any warning or sanction on the Montenegrin Delegation for this matter. Ex Head of Delegation Ivan Maksimovic commented:

The contest requires a rational approach and the wish the act to showcase himself , his country to audience. We always, pretty much, send famous and recognised acts from who we expect to be mature until the end.

Supplementary he outlined the importance of good communication with the press and the good knowledge of English by the contestants.

Of course we, as a team, are here to help the idea of the song to be expressed and present it to the media and audience. the most important thing is to have a good song.

The Eurovision Story So Far

Montengro made its debut in the contest in 2007 as an independed country. It particpated until 2010 when it decided to withdraw due to financial reasons. In 2012 the country made its Eurovision comeback. In 2014 Sergej Ćetković and his song Moj svijet represented the country and achieved for the first time to qualify to the Grand final, ending in 19th place. One year later  Knez with his entry Adio scored the country’s best result by finishing 13th in the Grand final. In 2017 Slavko Kalezić, finished 16th in the semi final with the song  Space. 

In 2018, the country after a lot of years of internal selections revived the national final of  Montevizija, winner of which was Vanja Radovanovic who flew to Lisbon with his song Inje, finishing in 16th place in the second semi final .

Stay tuned in the INFE Network for more news about the Montenegrin national selection process for Eurovision 2019 and updates on more Eurovision 2019 national selections.

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