Montenegro: Vanja Radovanović to Lisbon with his song “Inje”

Montenegro: Vanja Radovanović to Lisbon with his song “Inje”

Tonight at the Hilton Hotel in Podgorica, the national final of Montenegro, Montevizija 2018, took place place to determine the country’s ESC 2018 representative. Big winner of the night was Vanja Radovanović with his song Inje.

Montenegro the last nine years has chosen its representative through internal selections. Only in 2007 and 2008 was a national final held.

This year the national broadcaster RTCG, received a total of 31 applications for Montevizija. A special jury cut down the list to 5 acts that  competed in tonight’s final:

  1. Nina Petković – Dišem
  2. Vanja Radovanović – Inje
  3. Ivana Popović Martinović – Poljupci
  4. Katarina Bogićević – Neželjena
  5. Lorena Janković – Dušu mi daj

Guests of the night were two past Montenegro’s representatives. Knez ESC 2015 representative (achieving a 13th placing the country’s best placing in the final) and Slavko last year’s representative with the song Space.

The Results

The final winner was determined exclusively by the public voting. The profits from the televoting will be distributed for charity objectives.

The voting consisted of two rounds. In the first round the three acts that stood out in the voting qualified in a second super final round. The thee qualifiers performed once more their entries and the public voted again to determine the final winner of Montevizija.

The 3 supefinalists were:

  1. Vanja Radovanović – Inje
  2. Katarina Bogićević – Neželjena
  3. Lorena Janković – Dušu mi daj

Eventually winner of  Montevizija 2018 and Montenegro’s representative in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon next May is Vanja Radovanović with his song Inje!

The Story So Far.

Montenegro since it debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest has qualifies to the final twice only. In 2014 with Sergej Ćetković and in 2015 with Knez. Both entries were in the country’s language , fact that led the broadcaster’s official choose 5 songs in the country’s language.

Listen to this year’s entry for Montenegro:

(full video of the song will come upon release)

Angelo D.

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