Montenergro’s First Rehearsal.

Montenergro’s First Rehearsal.

The Montenegrin pop-rock band Highway has been practicing their Eurovision entry Real Thing for five months, so they could hardly wait to enter the stage today. “We will enjoy every second of it. And we hope that everything will be fine,” said Petar Tosic, band’s lead vocal before they got on the stage of Globen Arena.

The day has been really generous to fans of rock music , though Montenegro’s song is more hard rock than pop-rock that Cyprus performed a couple of hours earlier. The rehearsal impressive with bright spotlights flashing continuously in colour of white blue and red. The introduction is focused on the main singer of the group walking from the back of the stage  with his face half-covered under his hood. There is a woman standing right at the front of the stage, who in other cases would  be a backing singer standing somewhere behind but this time we see her just in front of the singer . She is standing within a bright white square, singing and moving to the music.

Considering that this is a rock song the presentation is quite good though some elements are similar to the Cypriot performance earlier.

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