MU.SI.KA 2014 (Must Sing Karaoke) by INFE GREECE on December 21.

MU.SI.KA  2014 (Must Sing Karaoke) by INFE GREECE on December 21.

INFE GREECE’s members loyal to all their euro-events  scheduled through the year, are getting ready this time to exercise their  vocal chords, in the annual big Karaoke Competition- Party (Mu.Si.Ka) in the rhythm of  Eurovision hits, on Sunday evening December 21.

Every year the club holds a big karaoke competition- party for its members and all Greek Eurovision fans that want to attend. Every participant chooses a song from the the total of the past Eurovision Song Contest entries and performs it in front of special Jury which consists  every year of  different artists, composers, T.V hosts that have experienced the Eurovision fascination  directly or indirectly and  have been involved  in the  Eurovision song contest, one way or another.

After all performances, the winner is declared by the votes given by the members participating and the jury. The winner organises next year’s karaoke competition-party. Additionally , there is  an  Audience Award based on the votes of  all the people present at the event (no matter if they are members of the club or not). After the  competition section, the party and dancing goes on, with the stage  open to everyone willing to try his vocal skills in the rhythm always of Eurovision Songs.

So Seize The Moment everybody10807066_10152884641963307_1250178303_n and lets get in a Christmas Festive Eurovision Mood!!!!


Angelo D.

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