Nicky Byrne’s opinions for the Eurovision Song Contest

Nicky Byrne’s opinions for the Eurovision Song Contest

This year the representative of Ireland, Nicky Byrne spoke on the radio show of Ray D’Arcy in the RTÉ Radio Station 1. He said he does not regret participating in the competition, although not qualified for the final. When a listener suggested that he should participate next year with the rest of Westlife, he said he doubts that would manage something better and that and he declared that even  U2 could not win the contest as the competition has become too non-Irish friendly . He added that for Ireland in the future there is no magic formula to go well because there is a “Mafia Eurovision”, which is planning what will happen and predetermine which countries are doing well and which are not. A great role has also the fans from the beginning and if you are into their favorite songs, then you only have hope as Linda Martin (Ireland 1984, 1992-prize and she months ago predicted that the Irish participation would go bottomless) declared to him  in a private discussion they had together. From communication point of view, Nicky considered that they did everything they had to do so the can be “friendly” with the fans like selfies, handshakes, and even babies kept, to go with the


picture but as he stated he does not know whether to find for the next year’s contest the new Justin Bieber (a bitter hint for the Swedish Frans) or the new diva (again a bitter hint for Jamala and Dami Im). He highlighted the success that has been the Swedish Melodifestivalen, which takes weeks, but this requires money and a new type of television projects. He believes that the failure will discourage other known big names in Irish music scene from participating and notes that  being a big noise in your country around your participation doesn’t mean that doesn’t that will happen on the international scene. Finally, he criticized the snobbery and cynicism with which Ireland and the United Kingdom faces Eurovision, which is not the case with other countries face the Eurovision song contest as they take it seriously. He acknowledged, however, that there were better songs and performances from his own in this year’s contest.


In our opinion we believe that it was really a pity that a famous international star not even passed the final. On the other hand, is the classic case of a pretty boy without any extreme musical skill, who made a career with questionable quality songs. Also, what they do not mean to understand the Irish is the fact that the seven awards took them because they had the advantage of the English language and once it is lost, began to slump and Ireland (last win in 1996), and the United Kingdom (stands to gain since 1997, while three times came last in previous years which was something unthinkable in the past), even for Malta (with placings in ten who do not deserve). They live in the illusion that, even if it had sent the same songs in Gaelic (= Irish Gaelic), would have taken seven awards. hmmmm!!!!! who knows…!!!!

Chrysostomos Kontakiotis

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