Nina Kraljić: You can move boudaries

Nina Kraljić: You can move boudaries

Nina Kraljić will represent Croatia in Stockholm. The young woman takes us in her Zen universe. Let’s meet a complete and enchanting artist.

Alain : Hello Nina, it’s a real pleasure to welcome you within this great Eurovision family! You will represent your country, Croatia, during the next Eurovision Contest in Stockholm. What does the Contest represent for you?

Nina : It’s a great honour and it’s a great responsability because we were absent for two years you know on the Eurovision Song Contest. I will do the best that I can to represent my country.

Alain : Can you tell me a bit more about your musical career in Croatia?

Nina : Well, everything happens pretty fast, I’ve been working on my music ever since I was a little girl you know, I always knew I was going to be a singer, but I developped my style of music and my performance, then I showed it to a bigger crowd on the tv show « The Voice ». And after I won « The Voice », I got an award called « Porin » which is the biggest Croatian award for musicians.

Alain : Eurovision is a whirl of encounters, feelings…How do you imagine this great adventure that will take place in only one month now?

Nina : Well you know it’s only in one month but we are really preparing ourselves ever since we were choosen to represent our country. I was choosen in the end of February and I realised the song on march, 9th. The timelaps was really really short, but we did the best that we can.

Alain : The title of your song is “Lighthouse”…what is it about? what does it tell us?

Nina : The song « Lighthouse » is a message of hope. I think it’s great because these times are really crazy and we need this kind of messages. It goes well with Eurovision « Come Together » slogan. If you can clearly listen to the song, you will see a story about a sailor trying to come back home after storm, you can maybe see a love song, you can maybe see a connection with the universe, with yourself, so it depends on how you experience the song. It’s deep, it’s pretty deep.

Alain : Tell me a bit about Nina, the woman… Who is she in everyday life?

Nina : I’m a pretty simple girl you know! I live in a village, I went away from my home, I moved from my home and family to record my music when I was 14, I was really young. Then I tried many styles including opera, I was at the music academy playing the piano, writing my own songs. In my free time, I actually like to play games with my Playstation you know yeah!! (laughs), I like to read books, lots of things you know, alternative.

Alain : Why did you choose to become a singer?

Nina : When I was young, when I was a little girl, I scared my parents saying « I want to be a singer ». The reason why I wanted to do it is because music is an international language, if you don’t know the words, you can still feel what the artist is trying to say to you. I think you can move the boundaries, that’s why.

Alain : If I borrow your Mp3 player…what can I listen to?

Nina : Oh, it’s a fusion of music that I listen to in my free time like ethno, traditional songs. I like atmospheric songs and I like movie soundtracks. I like orchestration a lot.

Alain : What will be your horizon after Stockholm? Do you prepare an album for us?

Nina : Yeah, I’m working on my debut album, I hope it will be released at the end of the year. In this album there will be « Lighthouse » but also my own songs that I’ve written and of course these ethno traditional vibes that I have.

Alain : What do you want to say to our readers in France or anywhere else?

Nina : Support us and be with us! You can follow me on Tweeter and on Facebook. Be with us on the first semi-final on may, 10th and hope you’ll like the song.

Euro’Idol INFE France thank you, we wish you good luck for Stockholm!



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