North Macedonia: Listen to Tamara Todevska’s Eurovision 2019 entry “Proud”

North Macedonia: Listen to Tamara Todevska’s Eurovision 2019 entry “Proud”

Another Eurovision 2019 entry released today, this time for North Macedonia. The country will be represented by Tamara Todevska and she will be singing the song “Proud” in Tel Aviv next May. 

Listen below North Marcedonia’s Eurovision 2019 entry :


The  song that Tamara Todevska will perform at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest is composed by Darko Dimitrov, Robert Bibliov and Lazar Cvetkoski. The names behind the song are no strangers to the Eurovision family. 


Darko Dimitrov has been behind FYR. Macedonia’s entries at the Eurovision and Junior Eurovision Song Contest and has written multiple songs for the competition over the past decade. Lazar Cvetkoski was involved in the composition and production of the country’s Eurovision entries back in 2013 and 2014. Robert Bibliov had contributed in Tamara’s song at Eurovision 2008 and in was behind the 2015 entry “Autumn Leaves”.

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About Tamara Todevska

Tamara had represented FYR. Macedonia in Eurovision 2008 alongside with  Vrčak and Adrijan with the song Let Me Love You, which finished 10th in the second semi final. Under the old voting system, only the top 9 in the televote were guaranteed a space in the final with a backup jury selecting the final country. In this instance they opted for Sweden to advance instead, under the current system FYR Macedonia would have qualified.

She has been part of the country’s delegation in Eurovision 2004 with Tose Proeski as a backing vocalist and in 2014 as a backing vocalist for her sister Tijana with her entry “To The Sky”

Tamara comes from a family of musicians, as her mother is an opera performer and her father is a professor in the Music Academy of Skopje while her sister  Tijana Dapcevic, has represnted the country in Eurovision 2014. Tamara has released several albums and single up to date, which have met great success withing the country.

North Macedonia in Eurovision

The Balkan country debuted at the comeptition in 1998 with the name FYR Macedonia. As FYR Macedonia the country attempted to debut at the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with Kaliopi, but didn’t make through the special premliminary audio semi-final. In its 18 years of participation the best result was in 2006 with Elena Risteka placed 12th in the Grand Final in Athens, while it has qualifies only 8 time in the final.

In 2018  Eye Cue were selected internally to represent the country in  Lisbon. The duo with their song Lost and found failed to reach the final , making it the sixth year in a row without a grand final qualification.


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