North Macedonia: Listen to Vasil’s new song “Mojata Ulica”

North Macedonia: Listen to Vasil’s new song “Mojata Ulica”

The North Macedonian Eurovision 2020 representative, Vasil Garvanliev , has released his new piece of work, a brand new song titled “ Mojata Ulica”. 

Vasil from North Macedonia was internally selected to represent the country at Eurovision 2020 with his entry “You”  but unfortunately didn’t have the chance to complete his Eurovision journey as the contest was cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. While the country’s broadcaster, hasn’t yet unveiled its intentions for Eurovision 2021, Vasil is back with a fresh new song titled  “Mojata Ulica” (My road)

Vasil’s new work is an autobiographical song written by Igor Dzambazov and composed by himself. According to Vasil’s message under the offcial music video :

“Mojata Ulica” (My road) ss a song that speaks about something we all have. My street, My heart, My Soul, My first … home, address, love etc. It is an autobiographical song that I wrote the music to and Igor wrote the text using my journey as the migrating bird and soldier I have been over the past two decades as an inspiration. Davor is playing so emotionally and beautifully while Vacev and I decided that the best way to capture the rawness and beauty of this … is to take on the challenge of recording it ONE TAKE and LIVE in an abandoned building in my hometown Strumica. The wind was for free!

The music video is directed by Gjorgi Vacev and unfolds in an abandoned bulding in Vasil’s birthplace, Strumica during which Vasil performs his new song accompanied only by the sound of a piano played by Davor Jordanovski. 

A few words about Vasil

Vasil Garvanliev was born 2 November 1984 in Strumica, also known mononymously as Vasil . He began his musical journey at the age of 7 , when he participated in some of the most popular children’s festivals in North Macedonia. Later on he moved with his parent to the United States, where he attended a children’s choir of Chicago.

In the year’s to follow he attended more than 50 opera performances at music festivals accross the globe and has collaborated with some of the most talented acts in the world. After returning back to North Macedonia in 2018, he released 3 successful singles (GjerdanPatuvam και Mojata Ulica), while his first concerts on home soil last November was sold out .

In January 2020  he was internally selected to represent North Macedonia with his entry “You”.

SourceVasil Garvanliev/Youtube

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