North Macedonia: MKRTV confirms its Eurovision 2021 participation

North Macedonia: MKRTV confirms its Eurovision 2021 participation

The North Macedonian national broadcaster, MKRTV, has confirmed that it will be participating in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in May 2021. 

MKRTV, has confirmed to ESCToday that the country will be present  in Rotterdam next May marking its 20th participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. The broadcaster gave no further details on the format it will use in order to determine the next North Macedonian ESC act, and with the option of an internal being more likely, more details on the nation’s way of selection to be revealed the following weeks.

The Story so far 

The Balkan country debuted at the comeptition in 1998 with the name FYR Macedonia. As FYR Macedonia the country attempted to compete for the first time at the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with Kaliopi, but didn’t make through the special premliminary audio semi-final. During the 19 years of participation the best result came in 2019 with  Tamara Todevska and her entry “Proud” which finished 7th in the final , while it has qualified only 9 times in the final.

In 2019 internally selected Tamara , not only interrupted the six years of non qualifying results by coming 7th in the final, but also achieved to top the jury voting. This was the country’s first top ten placing.

This year Vasil  was internally selected  to represent the country at Eurovision 2020 with his entry “You”  but unfortunately didn’t have the chance to complete his Eurovision journey as the contest was cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Up to date the country’s broadcaster, hasn’t yet unveiled its intentions for Eurovision 2021 regarding its ESC 2020 hopeful.


News Source : ESCToday


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