Norway 2018: Almost 1200 songs for MGP 2018

Norway 2018: Almost 1200 songs for MGP 2018

Norway was the delightful surprise last year in Kiev. Against all odds the country managed to finish in the top-10 of the Grand Final.


That’s why the Eurovision broadcaster of the country NRK has already started searching the representative that will come after JOWST in Lisbon. And if size matters, NRK has to be super happy, as the have received nearly 1200 submissions for MGP 2018.

MGP chief Stig Karlsen stated:

There are very many talented people engaged in next year’s MGP. It’s going to hurt to pick only ten songs and ten artists to fight to represent Norway in Lisbon!


Last time that Norway managed to enter the top-5 of the Grand Final was in 2013 with Margaret Berger and her song i feed you my love (4th place). Is 2018 gonna be Norway’s year?

Stefanos Charpantidis

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