Norway 2018: Rybak’s first rehearsal!

Norway 2018: Rybak’s first rehearsal!

First to rehearse today is Norway. This year the country is represented by the ESC 2009 winner Alexander Rybak who will sing “That’s how you write a song “

Alexander Rybak appears alone on stage at the beginning, and showing that he is playing the drums, the guitar and the piano, something that will be shown on screen. Before the  first chorus, four dancers appear on stage, following him in a simple but nice choreography. The background colors are blue and purple. After the second chorus Rybak is playing the violin, which is his basic element and reminds us his previous winning entry in 2009.

Rybak is dressed in black and blue and he seems very energetic, smiley  and confident on stage. He is very good vocally but there were some technical problems with the sound. In his third run of his rehearsal, though, these problems didn’t happen and he sounded much better.



Angelo D.

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