While the participants’ preparations for Eurovision 2018 continue at an intense pace, this year’s Norwegian representative Alexander Rybak decided to make a small gift to his fans. In particular, he played with his violin, a pot of 5 songs competing in this year’s Eurovision. These songs was the Netherlands’ “Outlaw in ’em”, Croatian “Crazy“, Portuguese “ O Jardim”, France’s emtry “Mercy ” and Australia’s  “We got love” .

At the end of the video, Alexander gives a message to his fans, use their voice in a positive way and support their favorite candidates.

Alexander Rybak is one of the most famousartists of this year’s Eurovision, as he was the winner of Eurovision 2009 with the song “Fairytale”, which holds the record of the highest rating with the system in place until 2015. This year, he returns to the song contest with the song “That’s how you write a song”, and he will open the curtain of the second semifinal.