The Norwegian national broadcaster determined once again its Eurovision act through the national final format of Melodi Grand Prix. In this year’s national final a total of 10 acts competed in order to win the right to represent Norway at Eurovision 2019. The winner was determined after three rounds of voting. During the first round only the international juries voted while in the next two rounds the results were determined only by televoting. Eventually Keiino and their entry  Spirit in the sky won the national final with a percentage of  58,8%  of the televoting.

A few words about Keiino 

Keiino is three member group formed by   Alexandra Rotan, Tom Hugo and Fred Buljo. The group was formed especially for Melodi Grand Prix  and Eurovision to follow, while their name in the language of Sami (from who Fred comes from) means “road” and according to Fred Buljo it stands for the road that brought the members together as a group.

Tom Hugo Hermansen was born on October 27 ,1979 in the city of  Kristiansand in Norway. He made his first steps in music in 2007 when he moved to Hamburg while in 2009 he released his first EP entitled “I apologise”.  Later in 2012 his first album came out  under the title Sundry Tales. He was the leading vocalist of the group  Radiojam. As a composer he wrote songs that met great success in Norway, Germany and South Korea. he has made two attempts in the past to represent Norway in Eurovision as a solo act. First time was in 2013 with his song Det er du which didn’t even pass the semi finals stage and in 2018 with his entry I like, I like, I like which got eliminated in the first round of the final.

Alexandra Rotan was born on June 29, 1996 in the city of  Råholt, and made her first appearance in MGPjr 2010, the Junior version of  Melodi Grand Prix, with the song Det vi vil which achieved to reach the Super final. She became widely known after her participation in the Norwegian Idol in 2016 during which she reach the semi final stage. In 2017 she was one of the backing vocalists for the famous Norwegian singer Alan Walker during his European tour. In 2018 she took part for the first time in  Melodi Grand Prix with the entry You Got Me performing in a duet with  Stella Mwangi , who had represented Norway in Eurovision 2011 with the song Haba Haba (17th place in the semi final), and reached in the 3rd placing of the super final round. 

Fred Buljo was born on February 6, 1988 in the city of  Kautokeino and is a member of the rap group Duolva Duottar , which combines with the traditional music of Lapons ( Sami) .Fred Buljo’s group came to fame when it participated in  the talent show Norske Talenter (Norway’s got talent) during which it reached the final. after that the group held several concerts in the Scandinavian countries and in Russia. Fred Buljo is an active member of the cultural and political community of Sami people, as he has been elected since 2013 till 2016 parliament member and leader of the party  “Arja”  in  Sami’s parliament which fights for the cultural autonomy and the protection of Sami’s tradition. 

The entry Spirit in the sky

Spirit in the sky is α Rhythmic pop dance song with  Joik elements, the traditional music of Sami. The biggest part of the song is written in English with the addition of the sentence, ” Čajet dan čuovgga”   which in the language of Sami means “Show me the light”. This will be the first time the specific language will be heard on the Eurovision stage. Although references on Sami’s culture have been included in past participations , such as in Norway 1980  (Sverre Kjelsberg & Mattis Hætta –Sámiid ædnan– 16th placing), the Finnish entry in 1977 (Monica Aspelund – Lapponia – 10th place) and the Swedish entry in 2000 (Roger Pontare – When Spirits Are Calling My Name – 7th place).

The song is inspired by the fights made for equal rights regarding either national or religious minorities, or gender equality or  for the rights of the  LGTB community. Initial composers of the song were  Tom Hugo with his husband Alex Olsson, and later on the rest of the members of  Keiino, Alexandra RotanFred Buljo and Henrik Tala with  Rüdiger Schramm as well joined the composing team.



The Lyric of “Spirit in the sky”

Can’t you stay

Stay with me into the night

Stay, I need you close

You can go back when the sun rise again

Just stay tonight, just stay
Have you seen my spirit

Lost in the night

The violent nightshade

They took away my light

They call us nothing

My name is nothing

Come see me

Please see me

Cause I’ve been running with the demons now

They all see my fear

They say there’s nothing

Nothing here
I see your spirit in the sky

When northern lights are dancing

He-lo e loi-la

I hear you calling me at night

Whenever wind is blowing

He-lo e loi-la

I can see your spirit in the sky

When northern lights are dancing

He-lo e loi-laČajet dan čuovgga
I’ll follow you until the daylight

Shy us away

I need a her

oI need my light

Her shining lightwaves

Will break away the night

I call it freedom

Our name is freedom

Come find mePlease find me

Cause I am dancing with the fairies now

They all sing our name

I got my light here

Shining here
I hear you calling me at night

Whenever wind is blowing He-lo e loi-la

I can see your spirit in the sky

When northern lights are dancingHe-lo e loi-la

Čajet dan čuovgga

I hear you calling me at night

Whenever wind is blowing

He-lo e loi-la

can see your spirit in the sky

When northern lights are dancing

He-lo e loi-la Čajet dan čuovgga

I can see your spirit in the sky

When northern lights are dancing

He-lo e loi-la Čajet dan čuovgga

The Eurovision story so far

Norway has been competing in the Eurovision Song contest since 1960, having achieved a total of three victories, in 1985, 1995 and 2009. However has a past of remarkable record scorings , as it has finished in the last place most times than any other country, specifically 11 times. Four times it has received zero points, while in 2009 victory it received the impressive number 16 sets of 12 points and was voted by every single country, reaching the amazing winning score of 387 points! Norway hasn’t qualified two times in the final the last decade, in 2011 with Stella Mwangi and in 2016 with Agnete

Last year Norway was represented for the second time by  Alexander Rybak and his song That’s How You Write A Song, which finished in 15th place of the grand final.