Norway: Agnete and her Icebreaker around Europe

Norway: Agnete and her Icebreaker around Europe

Agnete will represent Norway in this year’s ESC with her powerful song Icebreaker. She will fly the Norwegian flag in Sweden, after her victory in MGP 2016.


Now it is time for her and her Icebreaker to travel along Europe. She will visit 13 countries,  according to her schedule. She will attend the Eurovision Party in London (17th of April) and the Eurovision in Concert show in Amsterdam (9th of April). She will also visit other countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Romania, Poland, France and Greece.

Agnete and Norway will participate in the second semi-final, at the second half of the show.

The INFE network wishes her Good Luck!!! Enjoy her video until the 12th of May!!!!!!



Stefanos Charpantidis

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