Norway: Alexander Rybak drops his new single “Magic”

Norway: Alexander Rybak drops his new single “Magic”

Alexander Rybak, the twice Norwegian Eurovision hopeful , returns with a brand new single titled “Magic”.

Alexander continues to explore dance music, inspired by his favourite Jamiroquai but also by new stars such as the Norwegian popstar Sigrid.The lock down due to COVID-19 pandemic has inspired Alexander to produce the music himself.

“Magic” is Alexander’s tribute to life after a long battle out of drug problems. The song was written when Alexander came across a blog about a serious illness. The girl openly shared about her life. Alexander found comfortand strength in the blog, and decided to write the song as a tribute to the girl.

In his new single he describes in his new song how Magic it is just to do everyday simple ordinary things. Following his own revelation that for years he was struggling with depression and now he is coming out stronger than ever he urges people to cherish the magic with those that might have little need of it.

Behind the lyrics and melody is Alexander Rybak himself and the song can be found on most of the streaming platforms:

Alexander in Eurovision 

Alyaksander Igoryevich Rybak was born 13 May 1986 in Minsk and is a Belarusian Norwegian singer-composer, violinist, pianist and actor. He will represent Norway for the second time this year.

We first got introduced to Alexander Rybak in Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow where he took home the trophy with“Fairtytale” , winning with 387 points, the highest score any country had ever received in the history of Eurovision before the new presentation voting system from 2016 and on.
Alexander had written and composed his “Fairtytale” by his own and the song topped the charts in the top-20 in nine countries, including a No.1 position in Russia and Norway.

In 2014 Alexander composed songs for the national Eurovision national selections in Malta and Belarus. In Malta, he wrote the song Still Here for the young, talented singer Franklin Calleja and in Belarus, he wrote the song Accent for the girl group Milki, a group of 5 talented singers he had found himself after having organized open auditions in 5 Belarussian cities. Neither “Still Here” or “Accent” won their national finals, but they got good placements and good reviews.

In 2018 he made a second attempt in Eurovision after winnning the Melodi grand Prix national final in Norway with his entry “That How You wirte a Song” which made it to the grand final where he placed 15th with 144 points.

More details on Alexander career and activities can be found on his official site


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