Norway: Alexander Rybak will sing «That’s How You Write a Song» in Lisbon

Norway: Alexander Rybak will sing «That’s How You Write a Song» in Lisbon

Norway, tonight, made its choice for the national entry at Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Melodi Grand Prix 2018 national final took place at Oslo Spektrum with Kåre Magnus Bergh and Silya Nymoen as hosts of the show.

Among the 10 finalists, Rybak was the big winner with his song «That’s how you write a song».

The results came out after 3 rounds of voting. First, a joint committee of a public and an international jury sent 4 of the contestants to the Super final (Rebecca, Stella & Alexandra,Aleksander Walmann and Alexander Rybak) then, the viewers exclusively vote their 2 favorite among these 4 (Rybak and Rebecca) and finally, the public again vote Rybak  as its favorite act.

Tonight we watched the following contestants :

  1. Stella & Alexandra – You got me
  2. Aleksander Walmann – Talk to the hand
  3. Ida Maria – Scandilove
  4. Nicoline – Light me up
  5. Tom Hugo – I like I like I like
  6. Charla K – Stop the music
  7. Alejandro Fuentes – Tengo otra
  8. Vidar Villa – Moren din
  9. Rebecca – Who we are
  10. Alexander Rybak – That’s how you write a song

For the first time, a dance floor was added in the Oslo Spectrum to create more interactivity between the acts and the audience.

Enjoy once again Alexander Rybak and his song “That’s How You Write a Song”:


Fotis Kourouvanis

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