Norway: It’s KEiiNO for Eurovision 2019 and their song “Spirit in the sky”

Norway: It’s KEiiNO for Eurovision 2019 and their song “Spirit in the sky”

Just a while ago the Norwegian national final was completed crowning winners the group  KEiiNO and their song “Spirit in the Sky”, whick will represent the country in Eurovision 2019.

Host of the show were Kåre Magnus Bergh and Heidi Ruud Ellingsen, while guest of the night was ESC 2018 winner Netta who performed “Toy“.

The 10 acts that took the stage tonight to battle for the golden ticket to Tel Aviv were:

  1. Chris Medina – We try
  2. D’Sound – Mr. Unicorn
  3. Mørland – En livredd mann
  4. Anna-Lisa Kumoji – Holla
  5. Erlend Bratland – Sing for you
  6. Ingrid Berg Mehus – Feel
  7. Hank Von Hell – Fake it
  8. Carina Dahl – Hold me down
  9. Adrian Jørgensen – The bubble
  10. KEiiNO – Spirit in the sky

Once the performances were over the 10 international jurors gave their votes in, giving the flag of their country to one song. The International jury voting developed as following.

Holla” by Anna-Lisa Kumoji  won 1 flag (Italy)

D’Sound “Mr. Unicorn”  got 4 flags ( Georgia, Spain, Ireland, North Macedonia)

Mørland’s song “En livredd mann” got 1 flag (Denmark)

“The Bubble”  by Adrian Jørgensen won 3 flags (Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary)

 “Spirit in the Sky” by KEiiNO won 1 flag (Israel) 

After adding the votes of the public voting the four acts that qualified to the next round (Gold Final) were :

  1. D’Sound – Mr. Unicorn
  2. Anna-Lisa Kumoji – Holla
  3. Adrian Jørgensen – The bubble
  4. KEiiNO – Spirit in the sky

Next from the 4 candidates the 2 acts that qualified to the Gold Duel round were :

Gold Duel  : Adrian Jørgensen VS KEiiNO

The winner of that duel and the next Eurovision representatives for Norway is the group  KEiiNO

Listen below to Norway’s Eurovision 2019 entry:


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