Norway: KEiiNo & Electric Fields team up for their new song “Would I Lie”

Norway: KEiiNo & Electric Fields team up for their new song “Would I Lie”

KEiiNO in collaboration with Electric Fields have released their new work, their new song titled “Would I Lie” .

So what if the whole globe is in a lockdown, music seems to be the ony thing that can’t be detained and builds bridges among  people from different continents and parts of the world. KEiiNO meet Electric Fields in a collaboration that brings a fresh new song titled “Would I Lie” .

Just some months ago the Norwegian ESC 2019 representatives had announced a tour around Down Under, rewarding the fans for the teleovoting score at Eurovision 2019. On the other hand the Australian national final 2019 runner ups, Electric Fields, had their debut album underway. As both acts aim through their music to showcase idigenous cultural elements, this collaboration was a matter of time.

Michael & Zaachariah aka Electric Fields stated: 

We love this song and loved working with KEiiNO. Creating music together was a beautiful, free-flowing experience, with our shared respect for our mother planet being reflected in the lyrics.

The new song is written by : Alexandra Rotan, Zaachariaha Fielding, Tom Hugo, Michael Ross, Fred Buljo, Alexander Olsson and Rüdiger Schramm while behind the production are  R. Schramm, Tom Hugo and Michael Ross. 

The new song festures  sounds with the House and EDM elements with Electric Fields bring along their part of light in harmony with Alexandra’s vocals and Fred’s Joik showcasing a cultural combination. Notable how Tom does a Sami rap in the middle of the piece.

And while the beat literally bring us on the dance floor the lyrics maintain their part of glory connecting us with the current circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic and deliver a powerful earth message. The song descibes the relationship between mother nature and himanity outlining how many things this planet can give to humans although they don’t make use of them with repsect and thinking that there are no consequences to this wayof thinking. Nature answers back when treated without repsect!

KEiiNO in Eurovision 

Keiino is three member group formed by Alexandra Rotan, Tom Hugo and Fred BuljoThe group was formed especially for Melodi Grand Prix 2019  and Eurovision to follow, while their name in the language of Sami (from who Fred comes from) means “road” and according to Fred Buljo it stands for the road that brought the members together as a group.

The trio won the Norwegian national final 2019 and flew over to Tel Aviv for Eurovision 2019 with their entry ” Spirit in the Sky” . Spirit in the sky is α Rhythmic pop dance song with  Joik elements, the traditional music of Sami. The biggest part of the song is written in English with the addition of the sentence, ” Čajet dan čuovgga”   which in the language of Sami means “Show me the light”. The song is inspired by the fights made for equal rights regarding either national or religious minorities, or gender equality or  for the rights of the  LGTB community.

KEiiNO made a powerful energetic performance in Tel Aviv and achieved to top the televoting while in the overall score fiinished at the honorable 6th place in the grand final. Lets remember their amazing performance on ExPo Tel Aviv stage:

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