Norway: KEiiNO release their new single “Colours”

Norway: KEiiNO release their new single “Colours”

KEiiNO, the energetic trio that represented Norway in Eurovision 2019, have released their new piece of work, entitled Colours. 

KEiiNO are back with their first new tune of 2020. KEiiNO have returned, and they’re bringing with them some ‘Colours’ with their new second single after their participation in last year’s Eurovision in Tel Aviv with their entry “Spirit in the sky”. 

KEiiNO’s new song is entitled “Colours” and behind the new single are Tom Hugo, Fred Buljo, Alexandra Rotan, Rüdiger Schramm, Alexander Olsson and Markus Bastøe. The Norwegian acts have gone full schlager on us, with a Sami twist, and with their trademark dancepop undercurrent. And the joik is more prominent than ever. 

In this version three children sing along with Fred Buljo who is their teacher. The Norwegian national briadcaster NRK was seeking for a band to compose a song that will bring the generations together and for this purpose chose KEiiNO, who made a joyous song in that inimitable KEiiNO spirit.

KEiiNO in Eurovision 

KEiiNO is three member group formed by   Alexandra Rotan, Tom Hugo and Fred BuljoThe group was formed especially for Melodi Grand Prix  and Eurovision to follow, while their name in the language of Sami (from who Fred comes from) means “road” and according to Fred Buljo it stands for the road that brought the members together as a group.

KEiiNO won the Melodi Grand Prix 2019 and went on representing Norway with their entry Spirit in the sky, α rhythmic pop dance song with  Joik elements, the traditional music of Sami.This will be the first time the specific language will be heard on the Eurovision stage. The newly formed trio, gave an energetic , dynamic performance on stage that allowed them to top the televoting becoming the pubic’s favorite while on the overall scoreboad they finished in the honorable 6th place.  Lets remember their amazing performance in Tel Aviv:

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