Norway: More than 1000 submissions of songs for Melodi Grand Prix 2019

Norway: More than 1000 submissions of songs for Melodi Grand Prix 2019

The impressive number of 1000 has surpassed the total number of submissions for the next Melodi Grand Prix, which is Norway national selection process to determine its Eurovision representatives every year.

Melodi Grand Prix has its roots back in  1960 and since then has selected the Norwegian Eurovision act all years apart from 1970, 2002 (the country had withdrawn from the contest) and in 1991 due to considered low quality entries.

The Norwegian national broadcaster, NRK has revealed that this year’s entries for Grand Prix 2019  have pass the number of 1000. The window for submission of songs closed Sunday midnight and now the total number of entries will be cut down to a list of 10 finalist.

However this year’s number is just a little bit lower then last year’s when a record number of 1200 entries was submitted.

This year Norway was represented for the second time by  Alexander Rybak and his song That’s How You Write A Song, which finished in 15th place of the grand final. Alexander didn’t manage to repeat the success of 2009 when he gave his country a grand victory with his song  “Fairytale”.

The Eurovision Story so Far

Norwas has been competing in the Eurovision Song contest since 1960, having achieved a total of three victories, in 1985, 1995 and 2009. However has a past of remarkable record scorings , as it has finished in the last place most times than any other country, specifically 11 times. Four times it has received zero points, while in 2009 victory it received the impressive number 16 sets of 12 points and was voted by every single country, reaching the amazing winning score of 387 points!

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