The Norwegian broadcaster, NRK, has unveiled the Top 12 ESC 2020 entries that will compete in the alternative Eurovision show ‘Norge Bestemmer’.

Following this year’s cancellation of Eurovision several broadcasters are airing special alternative Eurovision shows in the place of the cancelled ESC 2020 shows. Among them Norway’s broadcaster, NRK, will be broadasting the show ‘Norge Bestemmer’ during which a total of 12 entries will compete for the Norwegian top ranking. The competing songs were selected based on polls, betting odds, fans’ opinion, stream etc etc.

The show will be hosted by Marke Stokstad and Ronny Brede Aase while this year’s representative Ulrikke will be present as a guest on the show. The show is set for Friday and the audience will able to vote three time their favorite entries through a online voting.

The Top 12 songs are :

  1. Bulgaria – Victoria (Tears Getting Sober)
  2. Italia – Diodato  (Fai Rumore)
  3. Switzerland – Gjon’s Tears (Repondez-moi)
  4. Azerbaijan – Samira Efendi (Cleopatra)
  5. Germany – Ben Dolic – (Violent Thing)
  6. Iceland – DadI Freyr & Gagnamagnio (Think About Things)
  7. Malta – Destiny Chukunyere  (All Of My Love)
  8. Russia – Little Big (Uno)
  9. France – Tom Leeb – (Mon Alliee)
  10. Sweden – The Mamas – (Move)
  11. Romania – Roxen (Alcohol You)
  12. Lithuania – The Roop- (On Fire)