Norway’s First Rehearsal

Norway’s First Rehearsal

Continuing  on stage for their first rehearsal is Norway.  The country’s this year’s representatives Jowst feat. Aleksander Wallman with the song «Grab The Moment» won the Melodi Grand Prix 2017 and got the golden ticket to the contest. Creator of the entry is Jowst himself in collaboration with the Norwegian musician and composer Jonas McDonnell.

Just before the rehearsal Jowst stated to the media: “We have been the underdog the whole time. But I believe that people will notice us more after today’s rehearsal.”

The staging is pretty much similar to their performance in MGP national final in March.  We didn’t see on the LED screens , at least at this rehearsal any visual effects but maybe they ll me added afterwards. We don’t know if they are alone on stage or  if they have back vocalists. However the electronic vocals were kept on demand . It seems that something is missing from the Norwegian staging and we ‘ll have to wait and see in the next rehearsal the final picture of the staging.




Stefanos Charpantidis

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