Spain: Operación Triunfo for Eurovision 2018?

Spain: Operación Triunfo for Eurovision 2018?

The last 3 years, Spain is permanently at the bottom of the scoreboard at the Grand Final (2015-21st, 2016-22nd and 2017-26th (last place)).  That’s why the National broadcaster of Spain RTVE is considering of bringing back the show Operación Triunfo in order to choose their representative for Eurovision 2018 in Portugal.

Operación Triunfo is a Spanish Music  Talent Show ( a mix of Pop Idol and Big Brother) and RTVE used that formula in 2002, 2003 and 2004 to find the next singer for Spain in ESC. In 2002 it was Rosa who brought Spain in the 7th place, in 2003 it was Beth (8th place) and in 2004 Ramon (10th place).

Operación Triunfo is expected to last 3 months and that will give the audience of Spain the opportunity to get to know the participants of the show better week by week. According to the rules of the last 3 shows (2002-2004), the 3 candidates who reached the Final Show, were interpreting 3 songs each and the audience had to vote the one that liked the most. 

Rosa with her song Europe’s Living A Celebration is the best spot of Spain in Eurovision (7th) since 2002.




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