Poland: Agata Serwin the second finalist of Szansa na Sukces-Eurowizja Junior 2020

Poland: Agata Serwin the second finalist of Szansa na Sukces-Eurowizja Junior 2020

Agata Serwin is the second act to qualify to the final of Szansa na Sukces-Eurowizja junior 2020 as she won the 2nd semi final round of the show. 

Agata Serwin is the second candidate to secure her place in the final of the Polish national selection for Junior Eurovision 2020. Although the young act doesn’t have a wide experience in televised competitions like other contestants, she achieved to win the jury’s preference and win the 2nd semi final round.

In this second episode, the ttheme was “World hits we listen to” , and the jurors were Cleo , Gromee and Michał Wiśniewski . The other acts that competed in today’s round were:

  • Ola Kędra 
  • Sandra Wawer
  • Natalia Kosmowska
  • Maja Biernat 
  • Aleksandra Kedra 
  • Aleksandra Tracz


One more qualifiyer will be selected in the following last semi final round. The three qualifiers will perfrom two songs in the final show, set for September 27. One song will be chosen by the production while the second one will be the entry that the contestant wishes to represent Poland with on home soil. A combination of jury and public voting (50% each) will determine the final winner. In case of a tie the act wion the jury voting will earn the right to represent Poland in JESC 2020.

About Agata Serwin

Agata Serwin is a graduate of the Center for Culture, Sports and Tourism in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska . In 2019, she won the main prize “Talent 2019” in the vocal category at the 19th Artistic Festival “Talenty” in Wadowice. Apart from singing, Agata also plays the violin and wins awards in this field.

In 2017, she performed at the 1st National Competition “Young Artists at the Castle” in Sucha Beskidzka, where she won 1st place and a special prize, and also won 4th place in the 8th World Violin Meetings in Włocławek. In 2019, together with Franciszek Wolakpresented a violin duo during the XXVI National Competition of Chamber Ensembles of Music Schools in Bystrzyca Kłodzka in Bystrzyca. They won the Grand Prix for their performance. She also performed at the inauguration of the 22nd Summer Music Festival in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska. Agata was born in 2007 and attends the 1st Level Music School in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska.

News source: : dziennik-eurowizyjny.pl

Cover photo: Escchat.com

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