Poland: Kasia Moś and Flashlight will fly to Kiev

Poland: Kasia Moś and Flashlight will fly to Kiev

18 of February today, and in Poland the Grand Final of Krakowe Eliminacije is over. Kasia Moś with her song  Flashlight is the winner and will fly to Kiev.

Arthur Orzech hosted the show today. The winner was chosen by televoting (50%) and a specila jury (50%). The jury memebers were Alicja Węgorzewska, Maria Sadowska, Robert Janowsk, Włodek Pawlik and Krzesimir Dębski.  

Doda, who represented Poland in Eurovision Junior in 2016 and Oliwia Wieczorek were the interval act of the night.

The 10 acts that performed live today were:

  1. Martin Fitch – Fight For Us
  2. Kasia Moś – Flashlight
  3. Carmell – Faces
  4. Agata Nizińska – Reason
  5. Rafał Brzozowski – Sky Over Europe
  6. Isabell Otrebus – Voiceless
  7. Lanberry – Only Human
  8. Aneta Sablik – Ulalala
  9. Paulla – Chce Tam Z Toba Byc
  10. Olaf Bressa – You Look Good

Poland will take part in the 1st semi final at second half of the show.


Stefanos Charpantidis

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