Poland: Last minute changes introduced in the Szansa na Suckes process

Poland: Last minute changes introduced in the Szansa na Suckes process

As the Polish national selection is still unwinding with the the 3rd semi final round set to take place tomorrow the national broadcaster , TVP, introduced some changes to the national selection format of  Szansa na Suckes, the talent show that this year will determine the Polish Eurovision 2020 representative.   

Namely TVP has decided to issue two changes in the national seoection process:

  • Although initially the right to participate in the national selection had only the Polish citizens, this rules was scrabbed out , giving a chance to Albert Černý (Czech Republic 2019) to take part in the upcoming 3rd semi final round.
  • In addition to this TVP decided that during the national final the acts will not only perform their own music proposal for Eurovision but some past Eurovision entries that the producers of the show will assign to them.

 Kasia Dereń and Alicja Szemplińska are the first two finalists determined so far.  The 3rd semi final round is set to take place this Sunday  and will see the contestants perform hits of the legendary  Beatles. The final is set to be held on February 23, during which the public exclusively will determine the next Eurovision representative.

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