Poland: Listen to Kasia Dereń’s “Szansa na sukces 2020” entry “Ufaj Mi”

Poland: Listen to Kasia Dereń’s  “Szansa na sukces 2020” entry “Ufaj Mi”

Kasia Dereń released the song she will be performing in the “Szansa na sukces 2020” final as one of the Polish national finalists, which is entitled “Ufaj Mi” 

Kasia’s entry is an uptempo pop song which is written entirely in Polish. Piotr WalckiMarcin Januszkiewicz and Mateusz Krautwurst along with herself is the composition team behind the candidate song.

The story so far

Thsi year TVP decided to choose its Eurovision 2020 hopeful through the show Szansa na sukces 2020″. The show consists of 3 semi final rounds, during which we saw  7 acts compete. In each show there was a special guest, some songs of which will be performed by the competing acts. A special three member jury formed by past Eurovision participants, Cleo (Poland 2014), Michał Szpak (Poland 2016) and Gromee (Poland  2018) , determined the three acts that qualified to the final.

The three acts that won the ticket to the final were Kasia Dereń , Alicja Szemplińska and Albert Černý

In the upcoming final the three finalists will perform two songs, one cover of a past Eurovision entry and the song they propose for Eurovision 2020. Up to date beside Kasia Dereń  , Albert Černý with his group Lake Malawi , has released his entry entitled “Lucy”. The final outcome will be determined by public and jury voting. 

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