Poland: National finalist Albert Černý to perform in the final with Lake Malawi the song “Lucy”

Poland: National finalist Albert Černý to perform in the final with Lake Malawi the song “Lucy”

Albert Černý who has made it to the final of the Polish Eurovision 2020 national selection, will perform alongside with Lake Malawi the entry “Lucy” in the upcoming national final .

According to what Albert Černý said during his intevierw to  eurowizja.org , the Czech act that is the leading vocalist of the group Lake Malawi, revealed that during the upcoming national final of Szansa na Sukces he will be performing the song entitled “Lucy’ alongside with his group. 

The song “Lucy” was released some days ago and is a song written for last year’s Eurovision Green room host, Lucy Ayoub. The creative team behind the song includes  JOWST (Norway 2017) και Lasse Piirainen (Finland 2017) and Cesar Sampson (Austria  2018).

A few words about Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is an indie pop group from Třinec in Czech Republic and consists of  Albert Černý (lead vocal, guitar), Jeroným Šubrt (bass and keys), Antonín Hrabal (drums) and Pavel Palát (drums).The band was formed back in 2013 and their name was inspired by a song of  Bon Iver. The group has take part in several concerts alongside well known groups such as The KooksMika, and Thirty Seconds to Mars.  Lake Malawi released their debut album in 2017. Their leading vocalist , Albert Černý, was born on February 17 ,1989 in the Třinec . Albert received lots of fame after winning 3 music awards by the Czech Music Academy  Anděl,he Czech equivalent of the Grammies, with his former band called Charlie Straight. Additional he has won two Slavík awards and one MTV  award for his overall work.

Last year they represented Czech Republic at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv with their song “Friend of a Friend” that finished 11th in the Grand final

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