Poland: Sara Egwu-James the 3rd semi final winner of Szansa na Sukces – Eurowizja Junior 2021

Poland: Sara Egwu-James  the 3rd semi final winner of Szansa na Sukces – Eurowizja Junior 2021

Sara Egwu-James  secured the third and last spot in the final of the Polish JESC 2021 selection ‘Szansa na Sukces – Eurowizja Junior 2021’.

Polandis selecting its Junior Eurovision 2021 act via the show ‘Szansa na Sukces – Eurowizja Junior 2021’, which includes three semi finals selecting three finalists for the fourth and final show of the competition.

Each semi final sees a total of 7 competing acts battling for a one spot in the final. In today’s 2nd semi final we saw the following acts performed covers of songs by Eurovision winners Celine Dion and ABBA

The 7 acts that took the stage were:

  • Sara Egwu-James
  • Julia Bieniek
  • Lena Mrówczyńska
  • Kornelia Wodka
  • Martyna Kaczmarek
  • Michelle Bednarowska
  • Natalia Smaś

Sara Egwu-James  won the last qualifyng spot of the semifinals with the result determined by a jury formed by the following jurors:

  • Ala Tracz – JESC 2020 representative
  • Ray Wilson – Ex member of Genesis
  • Paolo Cozza – TV persona

The ‘Szansa na Sukces – Eurowizja Junior 2021’ finalists

With the third semi final show over the finalists for this year’s Junior Eurovision selection have been selected. Therefore, the three finalists who will be competing for the ticket to Paris in next week’s final show are: 

  1. Marysia Stachera
  2. Miłosz Świetlik Skierski
  3. Sara Egwu-James

The final show is set to take place next week on September 26, 2021 and the winner will earn the right to represent Poland at Junior Eurovision 2021 in Paris. 

News Source: Eurowizija.org

Image: Instagram EurovisionUnion

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